The Secure, Reliable, and Intelligent Systems Lab (SRI) is a research group in the Department of Computer Science at ETH Zurich and part of the ETH ICE center. We work at the broad intersection of machine learning and formal reasoning with applications to safe artificial intelligence, probabilistic and quantum programming, AI-driven coding, security and others. Our work led to three ETH spin-offs:, ChainSecurity, and LatticeFlow. Please see Research and Publications to learn more.


Our new ETH spin-off LatticeFlow raises USD 2.8M to help companies build and deploy trustworty AI. Read articles on TechCrunch and ETH.

Dimitar K. Dimitrov, former doctoral student at SRI Lab, has won the ETH Medal for his outstanding doctoral thesis. See website of D-INFK for detailed information.

Our spin-off DeepCode which built the first AI platform for code was acquired by the cybersecurity unicorn Snyk.

Release of Silq, the first intuitive programming language for quantum computers. Read article the article by TechCrunch.

Please follow the protection instructions of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). Use the central website to keep informed about coronavirus measures taken by ETH Zurich.

Release of VerX, the first functional verifier for Ethereum smart contracts.