Secure, Reliable, and Intelligent Systems Lab

The Secure, Reliable, and Intelligent Systems Lab (SRI) is a research group in the Department of Computer Science at ETH Zurich. We are also part of the ETH ICE center on interdisciplinary research. Our group works on topics spanning the intersection of artificial intelligence, automated reasoning and security. We have released various systems on these topics, widely used in both industry and academia, including JSNice, APK Deguard, PSI, Securify, Nice2Predict and others. Our research also led to two startups: and ChainSecurity. Please see our Research Projects and Publications to learn more.


  • Web3 Research and the ICE center announce a research collaboration on security and correctness of the finality of consensus algorithms

  • Securify is integrated by the Quantstamp protocol to complement their suite of symbolic tools. Read the full details here.

  • ETH Robustness Analyzer for Deep Neural Nets (ERAN) released.

  • 2 new NIPS’18 papers accepted.

  • Petar Tsankov wins the John Atanasoff Prize, awarded by the President of Bulgaria

  • DEBIN system to predict debug information in stripped binaries