Do you want to conduct research at the intersection of theory and practice and build state-of-the-art systems? Our lab offers interesting Master thesis projects in a number of active areas of research: Technically, these topics span the area of automated reasoning and verification, program synthesis, security, and machine learning. Each of these directions contains a number of different topics and we maintain an active list of potential theses (which changes frequently, as to reflect the latest state-of-the-art developments in research). Many of the Master theses have been been published at top academic conferences in the areas of programming languages, security, and machine learning (e.g., CCS, PLDI, ICML, NeurIPS).

We encourage students towards real-world impact. A number of systems built in our lab, some as M.Sc. thesis, are released as open-source projects which are widely used in industry and academia. See our GitHub page for details.

Awards and medals

A number of students who have completed their Master theses at our lab have won ETH medals and best thesis awards:
  • Marc Fischer, ETH Medal for outstanding Master thesis 2019
  • Samuel Steffen, Best ETH Master's degree in computer science 2019
  • Benjamin Bichsel, Best ETH Master's degree in computer science 2018
  • Cyril Steimer, ETH Medal for outstanding Master thesis 2016
  • Timon Gehr, ETH Medal for outstanding Master thesis 2015
  • Gagandeep Singh, ETH Medal for outstanding Master thesis 2014

Thesis at our spin-offs

Master students also have the opportunity to do their theses at our ETH spin-offs -- DeepCode and ChainSecurity -- and contribute to building state-of-the-art products.

To apply

To apply for a thesis, please contact Prof. Martin Vechev.

Past B.Sc./M.Sc. Thesis Students

NameTypePosition after thesis
Steven StalderB.Sc.M.Sc. Student at ETH
Mario GersbachM.Sc.Researcher @ SRI
Frobeen LavrentiosM.Sc.Researcher @ SRI
Larissa LaichM.Sc.
Frederic VogelM.Sc.
Mislav BalunovicM.Sc.PhD student @ SRI
Carlo SaladinM.Sc.
Tobias VerhulstM.Sc.
Viviane OnusB.Sc.M.Sc. Student at ETH
Marc FischerM.Sc. ETH Medal for outstanding Master's thesis, PhD student @ SRI
Nils WellerM.Sc.Software engineer at ti&m
Adrian HoffmannB.Sc.M.Sc. Student at ETH
Christopher SignerM.Sc.
Viktor ChibotaruM.Sc.Software engineer at DeepCode
Jan EberhardtM.Sc.Software engineer at DeepCode
Samuel SchmidM.Sc.Software engineer at DeepCode
Anton PermenevM.Sc.Blockchain security engineer at ChainSecurity
Polena LilyanovaM.Sc.Software engineer at BlackRock
Nodar AmbroladzeM.Sc.Software engineer at Google
Samuel SteffenM.Sc. Willi Studer Prize for best Master's degree in computer science, PhD student @ SRI
Alexey KustovM.Sc.
Johannes KapfhammerB.Sc.
Tobias KaiserM.Sc.Blockchain security engineer at ChainSecurity
Aleksander MatusiakM.Sc.Software engineer at Google
Jingxuan HeM.Sc.PhD student @ SRI
Nick BaumannB.Sc.M.Sc. student at ETH
Cyril SteimerM.Sc.Software engineer at Ergon Informati
Cedric BaumannM.Sc.
Alexandra MaximovaM.Sc.Software engineer at Google
Prabhakaran SanthanamM.Sc.Researcher at D-MTEC, ETH Zurich
Matteo PanzacchiM.Sc.Software engineer at Facebook
Benjamin BichselM.Sc. Willi Studer Prize for best Master's degree in computer science, PhD student @ SRI
Pavol BielikM.Sc.PhD student @ SRI
Ylli MuhadriM.Sc.M.Sc. student at ETH
Timon GehrM.Sc. ETH Medal for outstanding Master thesis, PhD student @ SRI
Florian BuenzliM.Sc.Senior software engineer at Unique software
Attila PrintzB.Sc.
Rumen PaletovM.Sc.Software engineer at Twitter
Christian FehlmannB.Sc.M.Sc. student at ETH
Pavle DjordjevicM.Sc.Software engineer at Bloomberg
Jeremie MiserezM.Sc.Software engineer at Oracle labs
Quentin HibonM.Sc.Blockchain security engineer at ChainSecurity
Jibin OuM.Sc.System Engineer at Volvo Cars
Noa Philippe JavetM.Sc.
Pascal RoosB.Sc.Software Engineer at flowable
Benjamin MularczykM.Sc.Software engineer at DeepCode
Christine ZellerM.Sc.
Pascal WiesmannB.Sc.M.Sc. student at ETH
Gagandeep SinghM.Sc. ETH Medal for best Master thesis, PhD student @ SRI