About me

I have been a member of the Secure, Reliable, and Intelligent Systems Lab until June 2023.


  • ETH Zurich, January 2023
    Ph.D. in Computer Science
  • ETH Zurich, April 2018
    M.Sc. in Computer Science
    Best Master's degree in computer science
  • ETH Zurich, September 2015
    B.Sc. in Computer Science



Doctoral Thesis (2022): A Programming Language Approach to Smart Contract Privacy


Zapper: Smart Contracts with Data and Identity Privacy
Samuel Steffen, Benjamin Bichsel, Martin Vechev
ACM CCS 2022 Distinguished Paper Award
Private and Reliable Neural Network Inference
Nikola Jovanović, Marc Fischer, Samuel Steffen, Martin Vechev
ACM CCS 2022
ZeeStar: Private Smart Contracts by Homomorphic Encryption and Zero-knowledge Proofs
Samuel Steffen, Benjamin Bichsel, Roger Baumgartner, Martin Vechev
IEEE S&P 2022


Unqomp: Synthesizing Uncomputation in Quantum Circuits
Anouk Paradis, Benjamin Bichsel, Samuel Steffen, Martin Vechev
PLDI 2021
DP-Sniper: Black-Box Discovery of Differential Privacy Violations using Classifiers
Benjamin Bichsel, Samuel Steffen, Ilija Bogunovic, Martin Vechev
IEEE S&P 2021


zkay v0.2: Practical Data Privacy for Smart Contracts
Nick Baumann, Samuel Steffen, Benjamin Bichsel, Petar Tsankov, Martin Vechev
arXiv 2020
Probabilistic Verification of Network Configurations
Samuel Steffen, Timon Gehr, Petar Tsankov, Laurent Vanbever, Martin Vechev
ACM SIGCOMM 2020 Best Student Paper Award
λPSI: Exact Inference for Higher-order Probabilistic Programs
Timon Gehr, Samuel Steffen, Martin Vechev
PLDI 2020


zkay: Specifying and Enforcing Data Privacy in Smart Contracts
Samuel Steffen, Benjamin Bichsel, Mario Gersbach, Noa Melchior, Petar Tsankov, Martin Vechev
ACM CCS 2019
Unsupervised Learning of API Aliasing Specifications
Jan Eberhardt, Samuel Steffen, Veselin Raychev, Martin Vechev
PLDI 2019


  • Head TA
    Rigorous Software Engineering (Spring 2020-2022)
  • Teaching Assistant
    Reliable and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (Fall 2018-2022), Parallel Programming (Spring 2019)
  • Student TA
    Data Structures and Algorithms (Spring 2014-2015), Linear Algebra (Fall 2014)