This seminar is an opportunity to become familiar with current research in software engineering and more generally with the methods and challenges of scientific research.

Each student will be asked to study some papers from the recent software engineering literature and review them. This is an exercise in critical review and analysis. Active participation is required (a presentation of a paper as well as participation in discussions).

The aim of this seminar is to introduce students to recent research results in the area of programming languages and software engineering. To accomplish that, students will study and present research papers in the area as well as participate in paper discussions. The papers will span topics in both theory and practice, including papers on program verification, program analysis, testing, programming language design, and development tools.


21 Sep Introduction to the seminar Jingxuan He PDF
TBD ZeeStar: Private Smart Contracts by Homomorphic Encryption and Zero-knowledge Proofs TBD Sam
TBD EVA: an encrypted vector arithmetic language and compiler for efficient homomorphic computation TBD Sam
TBD A Static Analyzer for Detecting Tensor Shape Errors in Deep Neural Network Training Code TBD Benjamin
TBD Scalable Taint Specification Inference with Big Code TBD Benjamin
TBD Explaining Mispredictions of Machine Learning Models using Rule Induction TBD Momchil
TBD CodeBERT: A Pre-Trained Model for Programming and Natural Languages TBD Momchil
TBD The Adverse Effects of Code Duplication in Machine Learning Models of Code TBD Luca
TBD Synchromesh: Reliable Code Generation from Pre-trained Language Models TBD Luca
TBD Gauntlet: Finding Bugs in Compilers for Programmable Packet Processing TBD Anouk
TBD Type-Directed Program Synthesis for RESTful APIs TBD Anouk
TBD TOGA: A Neural Method for Test Oracle Generation TBD Shaohua
TBD Finding typing compiler bugs TBD Shaohua
TBD BOLT: a practical binary optimizer for data centers and beyond TBD Theo
TBD An Experience with Code-Size Optimization for Production iOS Mobile Applications TBD Theo
TBD “Synthesizing Input Grammars”: A Replication Study TBD Dominik
TBD Murxla: A Modular and Highly Extensible API Fuzzer for SMT Solvers TBD Dominik
TBD Random Testing for C and C++ Compilers with YARPGen TBD Chengyu
TBD Well-Typed Programs Can Go Wrong: A Study of Typing-Related Bugs in JVM Compilers TBD Chengyu
TBD Automatic Generation of Programming Exercises and Code Explanations Using Large Language Models TBD Sverrir
TBD Synthesis of Web Layouts from Examples TBD Sverrir
TBD BEACON : Directed Grey-Box Fuzzing with Provable Path Pruning TBD Zu-Ming
TBD Effective Seed Scheduling for Fuzzing with Graph Centrality Analysis TBD Zu-Ming