This seminar is an opportunity to become familiar with current research in software engineering and more generally with the methods and challenges of scientific research.

Each student will be asked to study some papers from the recent software engineering literature and review them. This is an exercise in critical review and analysis. Active participation is required (a presentation of a paper as well as participation in discussions).

The aim of this seminar is to introduce students to recent research results in the area of programming languages and software engineering. To accomplish that, students will study and present research papers in the area as well as participate in paper discussions. The papers will span topics in both theory and practice, including papers on program verification, program analysis, testing, programming language design, and development tools.

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15 Sep Introduction to the seminar Samuel Steffen PDF
6 Oct Effective Concurrency Testing for Distributed Systems Philippe Voinov Manuel
6 Oct Fuzzing: On the Exponential Cost of Vulnerability Discovery Michel Weber Dominik
13 Oct Boosting Fuzzer Efficiency: An Information Theoretic Perspective Lorenz Hetzel Dominik
13 Oct PMEvo: portable inference of port mappings for out-of-order processors by evolutionary optimization Christian Ulmann Theo
20 Oct Towards an API for the real numbers Anqi Li Theo
20 Oct Effective Floating-Point Analysis via Weak-Distance Minimization Teodor Ionescu Daming
27 Oct Editable AI: Mixed Human-AI Authoring of Code Patterns Ting-Yu Chen Sverrir
27 Oct Compiler Error Messages Considered Unhelpful: The Landscape of Text-Based Programming Error Message Research Pascal Maillard Sverrir
3 Nov Semantic Code Search via Equational Reasoning Ruben Fischer Shaohua
3 Nov p4v: practical verification for programmable data planes Janis Peyer Dimitar
10 Nov zkay: Specifying and Enforcing Data Privacy in Smart Contracts Andrei Herasimau Sam
10 Nov Learning to Describe Scenes with Programs Minesh Patel Dimitar
17 Nov Pangolin: Incremental Hybrid Fuzzing with Polyhedral Path Abstraction Jonas Hansen Jingxuan
17 Nov CacheQuery: Learning Replacement Policies from Hardware Caches Cedric Ettlin Jingxuan
24 Nov Typilus: Neural Type Hints Dimitri Wessels Momchil
24 Nov Behavioral Simulation for Smart Contracts Niharika Singh Petar