This seminar is an opportunity to become familiar with current research in software engineering and more generally with the methods and challenges of scientific research.

Each student will be asked to study some papers from the recent software engineering literature and review them. This is an exercise in critical review and analysis. Active participation is required (a presentation of a paper as well as participation in discussions).

The aim of this seminar is to introduce students to recent research results in the area of programming languages and software engineering. To accomplish that, students will study and present research papers in the area as well as participate in paper discussions. The papers will span topics in both theory and practice, including papers on program verification, program analysis, testing, programming language design, and development tools.


23 Feb Introduction to the seminar Dimitar I. Dimitrov PDF
9 Mar Jigsaw: Large Language Models meet Program Synthesis David-Marian Buzatu Momchil
9 Mar Debug Information Validation for Optimized Code Yuchen Gu Yann
16 Mar Is GitHub's Copilot as Bad As Humans at Introducing Vulnerabilities in Code? Flavia Cavaliere Sverrir
16 Mar What Makes a Good Commit Message? Emilia Szymanska Sverrir
23 Mar Gauntlet: Finding Bugs in Compilers for Programmable Packet Processing Clemens Klopfstein Anouk
30 Mar Dr.Spider: A Diagnostic Evaluation Benchmark towards Text-to-SQL Robustness Robin Renggli Momchil
30 Mar NNSmith: Generating Diverse and Valid Test Cases for Deep Learning Compilers Junxiao Cao Shaohua
6 Apr Language Models Can Teach Themselves to Program Better Antonino Orofino Luca
6 Apr CodeT: Code Generation With Generated Tests Silvan Renggli Luca
20 Apr ZeeStar: Private Smart Contracts by Homomorphic Encryption and Zero-knowledge Proofs Susanna Di Vita Benjamin
20 Apr Zapper: Smart Contracts with Data and Identity Privacy Anuram Varathan Benjamin
27 Apr “Synthesizing Input Grammars”: A Replication Study Audrey Leong Dominik
27 Apr Searching Entangled Program Spaces Theo Weidmann Dominik
4 May Higher-Order Leak and Deadlock Free Locks Christof Leutenegger Max
11 May Compilation Consistency Modulo Debug Information Jules Bachman Theodoros
11 May Rewrite Rule Inference Using Equality Saturation Nicola Dardanis Theodoros
25 May Detecting Logical Bugs of DBMS with Coverage-based Guidance Lorenzo Paleari Zuming
25 May Testing Database Engines via Query Plan Guidance Nicolas Kupper Zuming
1 Jun Stacked Borrows: An Aliasing Model for Rust David Enderlin Prof. Jung
1 Jun Provably-Safe Multilingual Software Sandboxing using WebAssembly Patrick Züst Prof. Jung
1 Jun Taming Undefined Behavior in LLVM Noemi Marty Max