This graduate seminar provides doctoral students in computer science a chance to read and discuss current research papers. Enrollment requires permission of the instructors. Credit units are granted only to active participants.

The main goals of this seminar are learning about current research results in the area of programming languages, static program analysis, program verification, and related areas, as well as practice of scientific presentations and discussions.

Presentation Schedule

Oct 8 Seminar Overview: objectives, how to read papers Peter Müller
Martin Vechev
Oct 15 The essence of language-integrated query, ICFP'13 Yannis Kassios
Oct 22Scala Macros: Let Our Powers Combine!, Scala'13 Dimitar Asenov
Oct 29 No Seminar
Nov 5 Inductive Invariant Generation via Abductive Inference, OOPSLA'13 Milos Novacek
Dimitar Dimitrov
Nov 12Predicate Abstraction and Refinement for Verifying Multithreaded Programs, POPL'11 Andrei Dan
Uri Juhasz
Nov 19 Continuity Analysis of Programs, POPL'10 Valentin Wüstholz
Veselin Raychev
Nov 26 Discussion
Dec 3 A Data Driven Approach for Algebraic Loop Invariants, ESOP'13 Maria Christakis
Veselin Raychev
Dec 10Differential Assertion Checking, FSE'13 Andrei Dan
Lucas Brutschy
Dec 17 Liquid Types, PLDI'08 Alexander Summers
Dimitar Dimitrov