Scalable Certified Segmentation via Randomized Smoothing
Marc Fischer, Maximilian Baader, Martin Vechev
ICML 2021
Certified Defenses: Why Tighter Relaxations May Hurt Training
Nikola Jovanović*, Mislav Balunović*, Maximilian Baader, Martin Vechev
arXiv 2021 * Equal contribution
Fast and Precise Certification of Transformers
Gregory Bonaert, Dimitar I. Dimitrov, Maximilian Baader, Martin Vechev
PLDI 2021
Efficient Certification of Spatial Robustness
Anian Ruoss, Maximilian Baader, Mislav Balunovic, Martin Vechev
AAAI 2021


Certified Defense to Image Transformations via Randomized Smoothing
Marc Fischer, Maximilian Baader, Martin Vechev
NeurIPS 2020
Silq: A High-Level Quantum Language with Safe Uncomputation and Intuitive Semantics
Benjamin Bichsel, Maximilian Baader, Timon Gehr, Martin Vechev
PLDI 2020
Universal Approximation with Certified Networks
Maximilian Baader, Matthew Mirman, Martin Vechev
ICLR 2020


Certifying Geometric Robustness of Neural Networks
Mislav Balunovic, Maximilian Baader, Gagandeep Singh, Timon Gehr, Martin Vechev
NeurIPS 2019


  • ETH Zurich, 2018 -
    PhD Candidate in Computer Science
  • ETH Zurich , 2016 - 2018
    Masters in Physics
  • ETH Zurich, 2012 - 2016
    Bachelors in Physics


  • Linear Algebra 2
    Spring 2018
  • Complex Analysis
    Autumn 2017
  • Linear Algebra 2
    Spring 2017
  • Complex Analysis
    Autumn 2016
  • Linear Algebra 2
    Spring 2016
  • Complex Analysis
    Autumn 2015