Talks (seminars, lectures, invited)

S3: Statistical Software Synthesis
EPFL, March 11, 2014

Race Detection for Event Driven Applications: Watch Video
ETH Workshop on Software Correctness and Reliability, October 2013
Rice University, November 2013

Synthesis for Concurrency: download Slides
ExCAPE Webinar, April 2013

Machine-Assisted Concurrent Programming: download Slides
Invited Lecturer at the following Summer/Winter schools:
UPMARC 2012 Summer School, June 2012
ENS Lyon 2013 Winter School, January 2013

Synthesis for Relaxed Memory Models
Schloss Dagstuhl on Scalable Multicore Computing, April 16, 2012
Schloss Dagstuhl on Software Synthesis, April 10, 2012

Practical Lower Bounds for Concurrent Algorithms
Yale University, December 2011
Course Lecture for Prof. Yang's E6121 - Reliable Software, Columbia University, December 2011

Automatic Verification of Determinism
Course Lecture for Prof. Cousot's Abstract Interpretation, NYU, May 2011
Invited Speaker: WoDet'2011, download Slides, March 2011
Course Lecture for Prof. Yang's E6998-1 - Reliable Software, Columbia University, Dec 2010

Automatic Synthesis of Synchronization
Invited Tutorial at ECOOP'2010 Summer School , download Slides
University of Washington, Seattle, May 2010
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, May 2010
Cornell University, Ithaca, Nov 2010
University of Waterloo, Canada, Nov 2010

Abstraction-Guided Synthesis of Synchronization
POPL 2010, January 2010
Graduate Seminar, Yale University, January 2010
Graduate Seminar, Harvard University, September 2009

Synthesis of Concurrent Algorithms
Dagstuhl Seminar on Software Synthesis, Dagstuhl, Germany, December 2009

Experience Checking Linearizability
SPIN, Grenoble, France, June 2009

Research Advances in Concurrent Systems
Lecture, Sofia, Bulgaria, June 2009

Inferring Synchronization Under Limited Observability
TACAS, York, England, March 2009

Machine-Assisted Construction of Concurrent Algorithms
Seminar: Harvard University, November 2008

Computer-Assisted Construction of Efficient Concurrent Algorithms
EC^2 (CAV workshop), Princeton University, July 2008

Deriving Linearizable Fine-Grained Concurrent Objects
ACM PLDI, Tucson, AZ, June 2008

Computer-assisted construction of linearizable algorithms
Invited Lecture: Workshop on the Verification of Concurrent Algorithms. Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK, May 2008

Synthesis of highly-concurrent data structures
IBM Research PLSE talk, Hawthorne, New York, April 2008

Synthesis of concurrent collectors
Seminar: University of California, Berkeley, April 2008

Derivation and Evaluation of Concurrent Collectors
IBM Research, April 2007
Sun Microsystems, April 2007

Correctness-Preserving Derivation of Concurrent Garbage Collection Algorithms
ACM PLDI, Ottawa, Canada, June 2006

Derivation and Evaluation of Concurrent Collectors
ECOOP, Glasgow, Scotland, July 2005

Write Barrier Elision for Concurrent Garbage Collectors
ACM ISMM, Vancouver, Canada, October 2004